Docker Jitsi Meet enable Dropbox recording

Check docker image listing using the below command

docker ps

Below is the image name listing of Jibri in my case


You can go to Jibri image docker-jitsi-meet_jibri_1 bash using the below command

docker exec -it docker-jitsi-meet_jibri_1 bash

After that, enter the below command to check jitsi-upload-integrations is installed or not

dpkg --listfiles jitsi-upload-integrations

After that, you show some paths like below


If the path is not shown, you need to install jitsi-upload-integrations using the below command

apt install jitsi-upload-integrations

Mostly you don’t need the above step, you can directly use the below step for Jibri docker already build with a Dropbox solution. Edit .env file like below.


After that, check integration steps here or create a Dropbox account and create an app using the app console.

you need to edit config.js file from below command

nano ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/web/config.js

Search Dropbox by pressing Ctrl + w and enter Dropbox keypress enter key and add like below text. __dropbox_app_key__ is your app key and is your actual domain name

   dropbox: {
        appKey: '__dropbox_app_key__',
        redirectURI: ''

Then save the file

Add your Dropbox Redirect URIs in the Dropbox form

Fill in Branding and check the recording

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