Jitsi Meet Load Balancing Using Docker JVB (Jitsi Video Bridge) Ubuntu 20.04

In the above setup step edit the file to the prosody section in docker-compose.yml 

  - '5222:5222'

Also, check 5222 port is open from now and network security.

Same docker setup folder copy to JVB server including .env and docker-compose.yml 

You need to change XMPP_SERVER to the domain name or remove XMPP and save the file

You need to change docker-compose.yml remove all sections except JVB and in JVB remove below the line

            - prosody

Save the file and run the below command on the JVB server

docker-compose up -d

You can check container name using docker ps command and check log using docker logs <container_name> command

If you use normal Jitsi Meet setup then you need to changes in .env file JVB_AUTH_USER may be same as JVB, JVB_AUTH_PASSWORD get from config file from JVB_SECRET, XMPP_GUEST_DOMAIN as auth.your-domain.com, XMPP_MUC_DOMAIN as conference.your-domain.com, XMPP_INTERNAL_MUC_DOMAIN as internal.auth.your-domain.com

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