Jitsi Meet docker customization

Install Jitsi Meet using the below link

Go to the docker-jitsi-meet directory and run the below command

 docker-compose exec web /bin/bash
 apt install wget
 wget https://url-of-jitsi-meet-web-deb-file/jitsi-meet-web_all.deb
dpkg -i jitsi-meet-web_all.deb

Edit above path and file name as in your case. If you want to create your own deb file, please check the link

Edit file using below command

nano ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/web/config.js

Below setting used to increase audio and less use of CPU from the browser side

disableAudioLevels: true,

If you want direct to join the meeting and remove the pre-join screen, use the below setting

prejoinPageEnabled: false,

If you want to remove auto-copy for URL, use the below setting

enableAutomaticUrlCopy: false,

If you want to show the last active N number of user video only, you put channelLastN: N, e.g. show the last 4 user videos like below

channelLastN: 4,

Save the file.

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